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High Impact Online Programmes (HiOPs) for corporates

By their nature, open online courses measure progress and completion through automated self-assessment and, at best, interaction with many hundreds of others taking the same course. In contrast, online courses aimed at smaller groups that provide direct interaction with the professors, with the other participants, and with a varied teaching staff, are seeing completion rates of more than 85%.

Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance High-Impact Online Programmes (HiOPs) adopt a customised approach and bring in personalised analyses of progress. HiOPs are offered in a 100% online format that allows participants to reconcile their executive development with other work and personal commitments. These programmes adopt the latest concepts and tools to ensure academic rigour.  

On successful completion of a HiOP course, participants are awarded certificates of approval accredited by FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, backed by IE Business School and the Financial Times.


Customised for your business

Each HiOP course is customised for your company. 

FT | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance HiOPs short-course programmes are designed according to a company’s own requirements and for groups of 50 or more executives. The primary characteristics of each course and the roles of the designers and teachers are:

  • The instructor: designs and develops the course, hosts live video conferences and discussion sessions.
  • Course alumni, expert contributors and guest speakers: their active engagement in the course creates more practical learning.
  • The teaching team (academics, experts, Financial Times journalists): in addition to delivering the programme content, the team applies learning analytics to identify points where students get stuck, generates patterns for engagement, identifies key issues to raise in live sessions, creates and fosters a community environment, hosts forums.


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The HiOPs experience

Over a period of four to five weeks, FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance HiOPs courses draw on a range of FT journalists and IE faculty. They bring their specialist sector knowledge to teaching and assessing the participants’ understanding of the topics in the programme tailored to your companies specific needs. Watch this short video to find out more about the HiOP experience. 

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