Getting ready for digital disruption

Digital disruption is all around us, and companies must prepare for it now. But are executives thinking about the issue strategically? Digital change is not about what the technology can do, but how and when it’s used in practice. 

The most disruptive businesses, such as SpaceX and Tesla, often rely on variations of older software and data, but are no less transformative for that. Disruption also comes from various directions and at different speeds. It can be incremental (building on technologies already in use), adjacent (transferred from another sector), or disruptive (overhauling all the established rules and practices). Either way, it cannot be ignored. Today’s taxi drivers, for example, may believe that they can see off the Uber challenge; but how will they respond when customers and regulators embrace autonomous vehicles?

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How will the Internet of Things affect your company?

The FT’s big read The internet of things: industry’s digital revolution provides corporate decision makers and L&D professionals with valuable perspectives on some challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. The article notes how ‘the plunging costs of...

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Agile methodologies: Transforming organisations to minimise errors and costs

Agile methodologies are now in demand, but they are not the solution to everything. There are various types of practices, and an organisation’s maturity may dictate which approach is the most appropriate. Traditional and agile approaches will coexist for many years to come.

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The true face of Artificial Intelligence

For companies pondering the transformative nature of technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), several FT articles provide valuable context. ‘Mapping the contours between humans and machines is becoming one of the most intriguing, and at times creepy...

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To reinvent corporate learning through co-designed, customised programmes that help companies solve their operational and strategic challenges.

About us

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance was formed in 2015 in response to calls for more flexible, practical, relevant and timely corporate learning.

Companies increasingly realise that to survive and prosper in a period of unprecendented global change they must be prepared to adapt, and even undergo major strategic transformation  ̶  a  process that requires their executives to develop new skills, knowledge, competencies and behaviour.

This means that corporate learning programmes must fully understand ̶ and then closely align with ̶ a company's strategic goals, its internal challenges, and the external operating environment in which it operates. We believe that this can only be achieved through a disruptive approach to corporate learning, based on the following principles:

  • True partnerships
  • Journalistic acumen
  • Selection of 'best-fit' assets
  • Cultural sensitivity