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HR’s role in engaging a multigenerational workforce

A panel discussion hosted by FT | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

The business world is experiencing radical demographic change in the workforce. Nowhere is this more striking than the emergence of multigenerational teams, as Gen Z embark on first jobs and baby boomers successfully adapt to evolving working cultures. HR leaders, like other senior executives, now need to rethink their assumptions about optimal team balance, experience, technology, career expectations and working culture.

How, for example, can companies inspire creativity and collaboration, build an inclusive and cohesive working environment, engender mutual respect and learning, and ensure that behaviour and values are aligned.

This session considered how companies and their HR leaders have approached these and other challenges as they redefine corporate culture for a workforce in flux.

We will ask:

  • What are the leadership skills required to drive the change?
  • How can HR leaders communicate often nuanced intentions internally and externally?
  • What motivates a multigenerational team, and whether companies can, or need to, engineer a common purpose?
  • Should we revisit assumptions about who possesses technological proficiency, energy and knowledge?
  • Are we exaggerating generational differences that may, if anything, amount to little more than the familiar clash of idealism and experience?

The panel, moderated by Michael Skapinker Contributing Editor and Columnist, Financial Times and Executive Editor, FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance consisted  of the following experts:

- Leyla Boulton, Special Reports Editor and Executive Editor, Financial Times

- Lilah Raptopoulos, Community Editor, Financial Times

Maria da Cunha, Director People & Legal, British Airways

Anton Fishman, AI Educator, Business Adviser and Organisational Consultant, Fishman & Partners 


The Foresight Series

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