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Executive Foresight 20 September 2018 Tokyo

Joint event organised by Nikkei and Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance


Interview and panel discussion: Corporate transformation in disruptive times

Companies increasingly realise that to survive and prosper in a period of unprecedented global change they must be prepared to adapt, and even undergo major strategic transformation—a process that requires their executives to develop new skills, knowledge, competencies and behaviour.

This is particularly the case when it comes to digital transformation. But how can companies manage the transition? Issues to be discussed in this session include: the importance of customer and user data in determining corporate priorities; how to develop a corporate culture that embraces innovation; and best practices adopted by leading companies, including the FT.

Henny Senders, Financial Times Chief Correspondent in Hong Kong will interview Kengo Sakurada, CEO at Sompo. The interview will be followed by a panel discussion with two additional participants:

  • Kazuo Ichijo, Senior Advisor, FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance
  • Ricardo Perez, Professor of Information Systems at IE Business School

Masterclass: Beyond transformation: the next challenges for companies in the race to become digital

The panel session will be followed by a Masterclass, led by Ricardo Perez, Professor of Information Systems at IE Business School.

Nobody needs digital transformation. What companies really need is a set of mechanisms to understand the evolution of markets, the new value propositions that clients expect, and the implications for their organizations. The new giants build better experiences, learn faster and build agility in how they react to new entrants in their industries.

What are the Digital Maestros doing? Can we build a better roadmap to become digital?

A series of executive briefings held in major world cities we select topics of significant interest, covering issues such as digital transformation, cybersecurity, the impact of millennials in the workplace, trust in business, political influence on the business world and many more.


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