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Executive Dinner at Financial Times

How do you make ethical, effective decision under pressure? Join us for a discussion over dinner at the FT with a group of your peers.


The session will be hosted by:

Michael Skapinker

Michael Skapinker is an FT contributing editor and columnist on business and society. He is also Executive Editor of FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, the FT’s executive education arm. At the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards he was named Business Commentator of the Year (2012) and Business Ethics Commentator of the Year (2015).

Roger Steare

A member of the FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance global educator community, Roger is The Corporate Philosopher - a leadership, culture and ethics advisor to the Boards and senior executives of major corporations, public sector institutions, government and regulators. Roger also conducts empirical research on moral character, judgement and behaviour, and co-designed the psychometric profile MoralDNA, used to measure moral values in organisations.


What’s your Moral DNA?
If you are curious, we can send you a link to complete the MoralDNA, a 10 minute psychometric tool designed to help you understand your moral values, how you prefer to make good decisions and ‘do the right thing’. You will receive your confidential individual results immediately after completion.

Discussion will be held under the Chatham House rule

This event is by invitation only.

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