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Preparing Amadeus today to succeed tomorrow  

Together we will work on the company's identified areas of interest:

  • Culture change.
  • Open and responsible leadership
  • Customer centricity
  • Leadership and innovation 

Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance approach includes exhaustive and relevant contextual analysis with provided by our global network of academic, business and journalist experts.

Below are some samples of our how we could share this knowledge with all programme participants.

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Air Berlin/Lufthansa: terminal velocity

Germany seems to favour consolidation, which is bad news for consumers

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Good riddance to airport landing cards

There are now far better ways to vet incoming passengers than paper forms.

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Take your work for a walk

Walking meetings can be more engaging, productive and healthier than sitting around a table, but they need to be subtly planned to be truly effective.

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Technology & Innovation

Japan’s robot chefs aim to show how far automation can go

Machines replacing humans in country’s hospitality sector to meet staff shortfalls.

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The robot revolution blurs the line between man and machine

It’s always a little unnerving talking with a non-human, as I did at a recent FT125 Forum event, but...

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Ten years on, the crisis leaves a dark legacy

The legitimacy of capitalism was undercut, and is unsteady still.

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The top insights from the FT business school blog

What do the corporate consequences of Brexit have in common with the challenge of getting the most from an investment bank internship?

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